Machines for cutting


type “MOCDA-96”

Dimensions:  1,125 x 800 x 1,000 mm.

Weight:  380 kg

Cutting motor-gearbox:  1 HP

Hydraulic motor:  2 HP

Electrical control panel with automaton built into the machine.

Normal electrical supply:  220 or 380 V 50Hz.

Made of stainless steel.

Double-compression system for the material to be diced, to assure correct shaping.

Dimensions of cutting grille:  96 x 96 mm.

Length of material tray:  300 mm.

Conveyor speed variable from 1 to 30 mm.

Normal production rate: 300 kg/hour (depending on drive speed)

Enables dice to be cut to a specified minimum size, and adjustable maximum size up to the maximum equality of spaces, by removing cutting blades.

Ideal for the production of dice from products from +3ºC to +10ºC.

Not suitable for frozen produce.

Suitable for cutting fresh or cooked meat products into dice, rectangles, slices, etc. with end measurements set by cutting grille and adjustable length, according to the needs.

Allows the cutting of any product with sufficient texture to withstand the pressure of the drive roller and the cutting unit.

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