Machine for deboning


TYPE “TOPP-2000”

Machine designed specifically for the effortless aitch bone removal from dry-cured hams by the worker with a base, a vertical support and an automatic gripping device for the manual extraction of the femur and the knuckle-bone.

Made of stainless steel and alimentary polythene.

Pneumatic operation with cylinders and automatic safety mechanisms in accordance with EC regulations.


The operator places the ham on the working table and places the leg of the ham below the securing bridge.

Press the 2 bimanual operating buttons at the same time so that the securing bridge descends, holding the ham against the table to allow working properly.

Next, the worker presses again the bimanual operating buttons and places the hook of the extracting mechanism in the appropriate place on the aitch bone for its extraction.

Next, press the button of the extracting mechanism; the pulling cylinder begins its descent and so the hook extracts the bone while the operator carries out the cuts necessary to free the bone from the ham.

While the ham is being deboned the lever of the ejector cylinder valve must be activated in order to proceed with the removal of the femur, tibia and fibula bones as the tendons are cut, to complete the deboning of the ham.

Working pressure: 4/5 bars

Working capacity: 100 to 120 hams  /hour.  

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