Novetà macchine DIICMA 2016

 Dear clients,

This year 2015, it has been for our company a year full of challenges.

Since the acquisition of Pycmo, two years ago, the department R&D of our company has not stopped working to renew and evolve our products and offer new models very soon.

This year you have been enjoying the elevator with symmetrical body, a fact that has given more functionality and versatility to the product (Patent No. 201 530 411).

A new multifunctional and adaptable conveyor belts, also a new line of hygiene to complete our offer.

Therefore, following our line of constant innovation and as such we announced last April at the fair in Barcelona, this year 2016 under the trade name Diicma we offer you the following new machines:

 New model of Elevator with direct geared motor and speed and programmable start. (Technology smartphone with NFC functionality and custom App).

And new accessories for existing elevators following the new safety regulations.

Tumbler model Tromel-Pu, one of the most characteristic since 1970, completely redesigned, with a new programmable and automated control cabinet. And a pneumatic tilting system for optimal positioning of the loading, unloading and labor.

New model of Deboning machine with a system much safer and programmable mechanical actuators. New protections to guarantee the complete safety of the worker.


Mecàniques Olbar Staff and, myself, Angel Angulo Vila